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Snowflake Course Overview

Snowflake certification training offered by UnitedSkill enables you to manage large data sets and automate BI reports. In this Snowflake virtual classroom training, you will master data warehouse basics, Snowflake architecture, data lifecycle, creating schemas, cloud storage, schemas, and data unloading. As a part of this Snowflake course, you will work on live projects, assignments, and real-time scenarios to acquire a practical understanding of data loading, SnowSQL, Snowpipe, Semi-structured data, data sharing, streams, and tasks. This Snowflake training also covers advanced concepts like performance tuning, data transfer billing, and Snowflake security. Enroll in our Snowflake online training to unlock your career as a certified Snowflake developer.

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$219,216 PA

Snowflake Course Content

Our Snowflake course curriculum is aligned with the objectives of both SnowPro Core and SnowPro Advanced Certifications. Our trainers are well experienced and allow you to gain a thorough understanding of the Snowflake data warehouse platform. Study the following Snowflake course modules and enhance your Data Warehouse developer skills.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Data Warehouse

    • Define Cloud Computing
    • Various Cloud Vendors
    • Benefits of Cloud over On-site
    • What is ETL and Data Warehouse
    • Differences between Data Warehouse and Data Base
    • Importance of Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehouse Architecture
    • Differences between OLAP and OLTP
  • Getting Started with Snowflake

    • How Snowflake is different from other databases like Oracle, SQL Server
    • Accessing a trial account in Snowflake
    • Snowflake Architecture
    • Snowflake Features
    • Different Editions of Snowflake
    • Data Lifecycle
    • Continuous Data Protection
    • Creating Schema, Database, Warehouse, and tables
    • Accessing and Using different roles
    • Accessing and Using different roles
    • Worksheets
    • Working with different types of accounts
  • Understanding Cloud Platforms

    • S3 Storage in AWS
    • Snowflake Caching and Architecture
    • Blob Storage in Azure
    • Bucket Storage in GCP

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Learning Options

Live online training

25 hrs

  • Project-based live-instructor led online training
  • Hands-on and interactive sessions with minimal number of students per batch
  • Course covers latest version curriculum

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Self-Paced Training

  • Learn at your own pace anywhere.
  • Expertly tailored and latest version curriculum videos.
  • Practical-oriented sessions with materials included.
  • Lifetime access to the videos.

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Once an individual is done with the training from UnitedSkill, they will be able to work on the real time problems that industries are facing using their technical expertise acquired through the course.

  • Apply for different Job roles in the technology vertical.
  • Should be able to participate in design discussions.
  • Project based learning helps you solve real world problems
  • Impress employers with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  • Mock Interviews will help you boost your confidence to clear Interviews

Snowflake Training Reviews



The quality of the Snowflake course content is just awesome. Very happy to select the right path to build my career. I had no problem understanding the challenging con

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This Snowflake training delivered everything. The best thing I liked about this training was the opportunity to work on real-time projects that helped me to acquire pr

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I completed my Snowflake training at UnitedSkill. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and his way of teaching is highly appreciable. I was able to grab a good

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Snowflake Training FAQs

Snowflake is a data warehouse developed on the top of the AWS or Azure Cloud Infrastructure. It is suitable for organizations that don’t need to dedicate resources for maintenance, support, and setup of internal servers. Snowflake architecture allows organizations to utilize and pay for the computation and storage separately. 

Snowflake is so popular due to its unique features like data cloning, data sharing, and scalable computing. It supports a wide variety of technology areas and programming languages.

Snowflake certification is designed for the professionals who have expertise in implementing Snowflake best practices. A certified Snowflake professional will have complete knowledge of designing scalable Snowflake solutions.

Following are the available certifications of Snowflake:

  • SnowPro Core Certification
  • SnowPro Advanced Certifications:
    • SnowPro Advanced: Architect
    • SnowPro Advanced: Database Administrator
    • SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist
    • SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer
    • SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst

SnowPro Core Certification

  • The SnowPro core certification exam cost is$175.
  • The SnowPro core certification exam duration is 120minutes.
  • The SnowPro core certification exam passing score is 80%.
  • The SnoPro core certification exam is available in Japanese and English.

SnowPro Advanced Certification

  • The SnowPro Advanced certification exam cost is $375.
  • The SnowPro Advanced certification exam duration is 90minutes
  • The SnowPro advanced certification is available in only the English language.

UnitedSkill provides the best industry-oriented Snowflake online training for freshers and experienced professionals. This Snowflake course covers all the basic and advanced concepts of Snowflake. Our unique training features like certified trainers, course curriculum, World-class support system, placement assistance helps you make a massive career shift effortlessly.

Snowflake can store the data in one scalable source, eliminating the issues like redundancy and reliability. It has a competitive edge over the Cloud giants like Microsoft, SAP, Google, and, as its software can work on all of their cloud services(AWS, GCP, and Azure). Due to this edge, Snowflake controls approximately 59% of the data warehouse market. This dominance attracted big organizations like Salesforce, Microsoft to use this technology, empower their business applications and gain agility. So, individuals having a basic knowledge of SQL can learn Snowflake and build a promising career in the Cloud Data Warehouse domain.  

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Snowflake Course Objectives

The main objective of this Snowflake training is to provide you the technical knowledge required to build your professional career. Our trainers will help you gain deep expertise in essential concepts like Snowflake Architecture, Snowpipe, SnowSQL, data sharing, and cloning. With our live training sessions, self-paced videos, projects, and assignments, you will gain proficiency to clear the SnowPro certification and get jobs in the top organizations.

This course is beneficial for Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Database Architects. Any aspirant who wants to learn Snowflake can join this training.

Having previous knowledge of Data Warehouse and SQL is helpful but not essential to join this training.

Snowflake offers an enterprise solution that makes processing, gathering, and using big data easy. Snowflake generates value by providing a comprehensive data analytics stack for corporations. Snowflake has various advantages like automating scaling of analytics, workgroup resources, and storage easily and instantly. Due to the benefits mentioned above, many organizations are adapting the Snowflake platform. Leading Companies like Salesforce, Adobe, AWS, Logitech use the Snowflake data warehouse platform to address their cloud data storage requirements. According to, the average salary in the US for certified Snowflake developers in the USA is around $219K per annum.

During this Snowflake training, you will learn the following skills:

  • Snowflake Architecture
  • Data Lifecycle
  • Data protection
  • Snowpipe
  • SnowSQL
  • Installing ODBC Drivers and JDBC Drivers
  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Snowflake Objects
  • Bulk Loading
  • Streams and Tasks
  • Cloning
  • Performance Tuning

After completing this Snowflake certification training, you will have the skills to get hired by the best MNCs. Following job roles are offered to Snowflake professionals:

  • Snowflake Developer
  • Snowflake Engineer
  • Snowflake Certified Consultant
  • Snowflake Architect
  • Snowflake Data Warehouse Professional


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