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ATG Commerce Course Overview

ATG Commerce certification training offered by UnitedSkill is designed by certified industry experts to help you develop and deploy different web applications. In this ATG Commerce instructor-led training, you will learn ATG developer tools, deploying ATG application modules, arranging nucleus components, working with ATG Servlet Beans, and form handlers. During this course, trainees will be working on real-time projects and industry-relevant use cases to acquire practical knowledge of JSP, repository architecture, ATG services, Form handlers, and SQL Repositories. Through this ATG course, you will master some advanced concepts like Deploying DAF, SEO, and ATG website internationalization. Enroll in our ATG commerce online training to become a certified ATG Commerce Developer.

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ATG Commerce Course Content

Our ATG Commerce course content is curated to provide the learners with extensive knowledge of the ATG Commerce platform. This course content covers all the topics required to develop and deploy eCommerce applications in ATG Commerce. Explore the following course modules.

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started with Oracle ATG Commerce

    • Introduction to Oracle ATG technology and products
    • Fundamental concepts of ATG Commerce
    • ATG Developer tools
    • File organization in ATG Commerce
    • Assembling and Deploying ATG Application Module
  • Nucleus

    • Arranging Nucleus Components
    • Assembling and Deploying Nucleus-supported applications
    • ‘Running Application Modules
    • Set up Path Layering
    • Scope of a component
  • ATG Servlet Beans and Forms

    • Creating and Using ATG Servlet Beans
    • Form Handlers
    • Working with Nucleus in the web application
    • Request Handling with the Servlet Pipelines
    • Multisite Request processing

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30 hrs

  • Project-based live-instructor led online training
  • Hands-on and interactive sessions with minimal number of students per batch
  • Course covers latest version curriculum

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Self-Paced Training

  • Learn at your own pace anywhere.
  • Expertly tailored and latest version curriculum videos.
  • Practical-oriented sessions with materials included.
  • Lifetime access to the videos.

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Once an individual is done with the training from UnitedSkill, they will be able to work on the real time problems that industries are facing using their technical expertise acquired through the course.

  • Apply for different Job roles in the technology vertical.
  • Should be able to participate in design discussions.
  • Project based learning helps you solve real world problems
  • Impress employers with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  • Mock Interviews will help you boost your confidence to clear Interviews

ATG Commerce Training Reviews



UnitedSkill’s ATG Commerce Training was very good. I could master all the topics effortlessly with the upgraded course material and scenario-based problem-solvin

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This is Undoubtedly the best ATG Commerce online training. I received all the support that was guaranteed. The course content is well-planned and the learning pace is

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ATG Course Content is excellent. You can master and get an in-depth understanding even if you are a beginner. Trainers are well experie

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We focus on delivering practical-oriented quality training service demonstrating real-time use cases through virtual sessions—comfortable labs with project-based understanding awards confidence in mastering the technology.

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ATG Commerce Training FAQs

ATG Commerce is a product of oracle which automates and customizes e-commerce applications. It allows the companies to offer an online customer experience with marketing, merchandising, automated recommendations, and content personalization. 

ATG Developer plays the main role in building and deploying large-scale e-commerce websites with Java through the ATG Commerce framework. ATG developer develops high-quality code following best practices and industry standards.

Follow these steps to learn ATG:

  • First, join our ATG Commerce online training and master the ATG Commerce platform.
  • After learning the concepts, build and deploy eCommerce websites through ATG commerce to get practical knowledge.

Oracle ATG is a strong tool developed by ATG and Oracle. It provides various features to eCommerce companies for running their portals with the least effort by IT professionals. It supports main application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss. Recent research shows that eCommerce is a rapidly growing sector today. As Oracle ATG supports both B2B and B2C business models, retailers and merchants can use it to implement functional e-commerce portals.  This raised the Oracle ATG adoption across the organizations and created a lot of job opportunities. Individuals seeking a career in application development can join this ATG online training.

UnitedSkill provides the best ATG Commerce Online training, valid for new learners and experienced professionals. Our ATG Commerce will provide you a lot of opportunities to work on live projects and hands-on case studies. We offer lifetime access to training videos, 24/7 live support, updated course materials to help you advance your career and apply for the best jobs in top MNCs.  

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 Implementation Developer certification exam showcases your ability and expertise regarding the deployment of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce solutions. 

  • The cost of the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Implementation Developer certification exam is $195.
  • The Oracle ATG Web Commerce Implementation Developer certification exam duration is 120minutes.
  • The Oracle ATG Web Commerce Implementation Developer certification exam consists of 85 questions.
  • The passing score of the Oracle ATG Developer certification exam is 66%.

Following are the other certifications of Oracle ATG commerce:

  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce PreSales Specialist
  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce Sales Specialist

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ATG Commerce Course Objectives

The main objective of this ATG Commerce is to provide you the expertise required in the real-time industry. Our course helps you apply your proficiency in building and deploying different eCommerce applications through ATG Commerce. With our Comprehensive Curriculum, hands-on case studies, and projects, you can fast-track your career and acquire real-time experience in the domain.

This ATG Commerce training is ideal for Application Developers, Technical Consultants, and Architects. Any aspirant who wants to start a career in this domain can also join this course.

Having Fundamental knowledge of Java, SQL, and web development is beneficial but not essential to join this course.

ATG Commerce is one of the high-end solutions that serve the advanced demands of the current market. ATG Commerce handles every aspect of the customer’s search Journey. For that reason, renowned brands like Walmart, Nike, Tesco, Macy’s use ATG Commerce for driving more sales and assuring excellent buying experience. So, the demand for ATG developers is huge. According to, the average salary of an ATG developer in the US is around $143K per annum.

During this ATG Commerce training, you will master the following skills:

  • Oracle ATG Products
  • Running Application Module
  • Working with ATG Servlet Beans
  • ATG Anywhere Architecture
  • SQL Repositories
  • Form Handlers
  • ATG Services
  • ATG Message System
  • Deploying DAF
  • Using Content Distribution in SQL Repository.

After completing this ATG Commerce training, you will have the skills to get hired by the leading MNCs. Following job roles are suitable for certified ATG professionals:

  • Oracle ATG Developer
  • Oracle ATG Commerce Application Developer
  • ATG Commerce Consultant

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